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Welcome to Gull Lake Early College
Gull Lake Community Schools Early College (GLCSEC) is a rigorous five-year high school, combining the best of the high school and an early college experience.  GLCSEC, located within Gull Lake Virtual School, will offer both online/virtual and face-to-face educational instruction to enable students to earn their high school diploma and college credits up to an Associate’s Degree.  GLCSEC provides a supportive environment through the use of Mentor Teachers for students throughout Gull Lake School District, as well as, all contiguous ISDsStudents have the opportunity to earn up to 60 transferable college credits from our partner institutes of higher learning before graduating as a GLCSEC high school student.

Program Highlights: 

  • Earn a high school diploma and 60 credits towards your college degree in 5 years
  • Opportunities for scholarships to students to complete their Bachelor’s degree if they successfully complete the GLCSEC program with a B average.


Bobbi Jo Stoner
Phone: 269-548-3418